Net metering



Most of the people are not aware of the net metering, as it is an advanced way of keeping the record of the electricity billing. With the help of net metering, all the customers whether commercial or residential who have a solar system installed for generating electricity can sell extra electricity to the government. The net metering system in Pakistan is a mechanism that will credit the owners of the solar system for the electricity which they add to the grid. As we know that electricity prices in Pakistan are very high, net metering in Pakistan is the most convenient solution we can have for solving our electricity billing issue as well.

Net metering in Pakistan explained with example:

Let’s take the example of a shop/office/home which uses the electricity produced by the PV system on the rooftop. Surely the electricity produced will be more than the need of the shop during the daytime. If this shop will have a net meter than the electricity meter will run backward. Hence, if the meter continues to run backward, the bill sent to the consumer by WAPDA will be in negative numbers, this means WAPDA has to pay you this amount. This amount will be adjusted against the electricity which will be used by the shop at night or other times when the load or consumption will be more.

Is net metering legal in Pakistan
Most of the people The concept is new in many countries but is continuing to grow with time. As the developing era requires more organic electrical solutions and net metering is the most organic and easy solution available right now, NEPRA in 2015 has issued the regulations for solar net metering in Pakistan and there are specific agencies which are working for this purpose.
Benefits of net metering
Well, there are many benefits of net metering as this new and advanced technology is for comforting all residential or commercial electricity billing issues on the regular basis. Let’s see the major benefits of the net metering system in Pakistan below:
Organic form of electricity billing
When you will use the solar panels, electricity produced through them will be more organic and you will own it. Using the concept of solar net metering for regulating the billing process you will not only own the electricity but will also have control over your billing process
Easy on Wallet
This process is very easy and less expensive. No matter if you are using net metering in Pakistan for residential billing solution or commercial, your savings will surely increase as your electricity consumption will be stored and you will be credited for saving the electricity!